Attendance Management

Attendance Management is key for any organization to manage productivity, Discipline and company culture. That’s why do we focus on Attendance Management rather than Attendance Processing.

Pro-active Attendance Management

  • Real time Attendance Capture from multiple sources
  • Enable all employees to view and update their attendance
  • Enable Managers and HR to track attendance for all employees
  • Manage multiple shift timings
  • Run Reports for weekly & monthly Attendance
  • Monitor Attendance for each team and highlight exception cases
  • Align and update attendance policies as the organization’s strategy changes
  • Integrate Attendance, Leaves and overtime for all  employees / departments
  • Analyse attendance for impact on Payroll
  • Active sessions with HR and Managers to highlight discrepancies and conduct user training sessions
  • Invoice Impact analysis for contract workforce

  • Key Features of our Attendance Management solutions

    • Web based software allowing anytime anywhere access.
    • Capture attendance through multiple sources
      • Biometric devices
      • IP Lock from Self Service Portal
      • Manual Attendance
      • Geo-Tagging
    • Integrate Attendance – Leaves – Holiday Calendars & Overtime calculations
    • Active monitoring and analysis of Attendance records to update polices
    • Multiple Attendance muster roll formats

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