Engagement Model

Our Service offering

The beauty of our solution is that it is very easy and quick to setup. All your data, processes and systems are set up and tested in less
than 4 weeks with very limited involvement from your management team. Our experts bring in the required templates and
all you need is to help us populate the same and leave the rest to us.

4 Steps Need To Follow

  • You Select the package
  • We sign a
    • NDA
    • Services Agreement

    1 Week
  • We Collect the Employee & Payroll Data
  • We set up the
    • System & Processess
    • Call Center
    • Reporting needs
    2 to 4 Weeks
  • We manage all your
    • Monthly processes
    • Year end process
    • Employee Queries
    • Reports needs
  • We invoice you on a Monthly basis
  • On Going
  • Large chnage in Employee number
    • Self Adjusting
  • Change in Service / Package
    • No additional cost
  • Specialized service needed
    • As agreed
    If required

    Partnering with you to bring “ Best-In-Class” HR for your organizations