Case Study2

HR-as-a-Service @ leading Cyber Security Company

The client has products focused on corporate fraud, data leak & employee productivity. A rapidly growing company with evolving needs to manage it’s employees. The company had implemented a leading cloud based HRMS but it was being optimally used & were evaluating changing the software.
oneviewHR (OVH) implemented HR-as-a-Service model and took over complete responsibility of HRMS, HR Policy Maintenance, Payroll Process, Compliances Management and Employee Helpdesk

Solution deployed
Before: inhouse managed
  • A HRMS was bought but was being used only as a leave register
  • Payroll was processed by a CA Firm on spreadsheets with no audit trail
  • Payslips were manually prepared and shared over emails
  • Attendance was maintained on a register
  • PF and ESI were managed by an external consultants
  • Expenses were managed manually
  • Employee queries were supported by HR Manager
  • MIS was prepared manually
  • Investor lead audits were cumbersome to manage
  • After: HR-as-a-Service
  • The existing HRMS was revamped by cleaning the data and updating the configurations
  • All Policies ( Leaves, Attendance, Expenses were updated and published)
  • Expenses Management module was activated and configured
  • For Attendance Biometric devices were procured and integrated with the HRMS
  • Monthly Payroll processing was done by OVH team instead of CA firm
  • Payslips are published on ESS along with IT Statements and Form 16
  • IT savings declaration and annual proof submission is done online
  • Compliances are managed by OVH team and consultant services were stopped
  • OVH teams manage all reporting and Audit requirements
  • Impact observed
    1. Employee Experience improved significantly as all the information needed was available on the Self Service portal ( Leaves, Payslips, IT Working sheets, Form 16, IT Savings Declarations, Expenses Management
    2. Total Cost of HR Function reduced by 40%: Cost for HRMS, PF Consultants, CA Firm, in-house IT Spoc and HR Manager time replaced by a single invoice from OVH, based on the number of employees serviced
    3. Flexibility in updating HR policies and Procedures

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