Traditionally HR has been operating as a ‘department’ or as a ‘Function’. With oneviewHR, transform to HR as a “Service”

What is “HR as a Service” : Your HR and Payroll Team will function as a Service Provider to your 3 important stakeholders,
1. Employees
2. Management
3. Accounts Team

Key principles of your “HR as a Service”

1. Customer Delight : Quick response and personalization
2. Service Levels for all services : quality and timeliness
3. Optimal costing structure: variable and transparent costing
4. Flexibility to change: keep pace with the changes in business

How can we help you convert your HR to HR-as-a-Service

1. Best in class HR Technology: implement a robust on-cloud HRMS system. Also get all your point solutions like Attendance, Accounts integrated to HRMS
2. Consolidate all HR related Processes: In most of the organizations processes related HR are scattered across
  • IT Teams - who manage HR system, Attendance Devices etc
  • HR Business Partners
  • Accounts Team – Who manage Income Tax declarations / calculations
  • Time Office – who manage Attendance recording
  • PF / ESI consultants
  • HR Operations / Payroll resources
  • Consolidate all these processes with ONE TEAM for better accountability and control
  • 3. Implement Service Levels for each Service: having the right SLA in place for every service not only improves HR’s effectiveness but also helps the managers and employees with transparency
    4. Enhance Employee Experience: by implementing a multi channel helpdesk, set up self-service for all HR processes and introduce company level social networking
    5. Optimal costing structure: Eliminate all you hidden and fixed costs from different teams and vendors. Convert to a completely variable pricing structure

    Partnering with you to bring “ Best-In-Class” HR for your organizations