Payroll & Compliances

Effective Payroll Management is much more than calculating salary payable for your employees. Our comprehensive Payroll Solution includes addresses.

  1. Payroll Processing
  2. Income Tax Planning
  3. Compliance Management ( EPF, ESIC, TDS, PT, LWF etc)
  4. Expense & Reimbursement Management
  5. Support for Audit requirements
  6. Accounting Requirements
  7. Employee Help Desk
  8. Loans & Advances

Key Features Of Our Payroll Solution

100% Secure, Accurate and compliant payroll

Our solutions is based on global standards including Data hosting that ensures multi level security. Inbuilt control checks to ensure accurate payroll every time. Automatic regulatory updates to keep your processes compliant. Back up resources to eliminate risks around attrition.

Employee experience at core

All payroll related information available on the go through self service portals or mobile app. Dedicated employee helpdesk to resolve any query related to payroll. Hand holding your teams make the most of the IT savings declarations

Expenses & Reimbursement Management

Single access point for all expenses & claims settlement. Complete audit trail for what is claimed, approved or rejected.

Auditing Support

We understand the various auditing requirements and proactively provide any reports for your periodic audits.

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