Would you like to hire a Rockstar HR Employee

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October 20, 2018

Would you like to hire a Rockstar HR Employee

If you are managing the HR function at any organization, you would have witnessed the multiple challenges that your HR & Accounts teams have to work with; from keeping your policies relevant, managing employee on-boarding, generating letters, running payroll, managing compliance, managing leaves and attendance, working around multiple systems, crunching data and resolving employee grievances.

All these HR Operations activities, consumes precious bandwidth from your HR team and leaves limited time for “Business Partner” role.

Would you like to have a Rock star HR Employee in your team who could make life simpler???

But, what does a  HR Rock star do?

Well, she is an employee who can manage all your HR operations

  1. HR domain expert: she knows how to create the most relevant HR policies for your organization and can manage all your HR operations
  2. Payroll guru: she knows all the payroll regulations and can single handily  process payroll for all your employees
  3. Expert on Compliance: be it labor laws, EPF, ESIC, PT or LWF, she ensures you have 0% risk of any compliance breach.
  4. Technology Expert: whether you want to integrate your Attendance machines, or fix bugs in HRMS systems or update rules and policies, she will manage herself
  5. Your employees’ best buddy: She is always a phone call away and can resolve any question your employees have, real time
  6. Management’s go-to person when it comes for MIS or HR analytics and help them take more informed decisions

 So, the big question is:

  • Would you be willing to hire such an employee?
  • How much salary would you be willing to pay this employee?
  • How do you think you can hire such an employee ?

oneviewHR – your HR rock star at your service

Our team of HR Rock stars, will operate as part of your HR Team and will be directly report into your HR Head. Our focus is to manage all your daily HR Operations so that you HR Managers can focus on being a Business Partner and Growth Agent.

1.HR Technology: We will manage your HRMS and all the required updates and interfaces with Attendance

2.Attendance & Leaves: Monitor and manage all Attendance and leaves for all employees

3.Payroll Processing: Run your monthly payroll along with Full and Final Settlements, Bank Transfers, Salary JV reports

4.Manage Compliance: Manage PF and ESI Challans, enrolling and exiting employees, TDS quarterly Returns and generate Form 16

5.Employee Help desk: All your employee queries will be resolved within 1 day via phone, emails, chats

6.HR dashboards and Analytics: All management reports & dashboards on demand

How much should an oneviewHR – Rock star typically cost

Hiring a HR Rock star, your spend will be less than hiring a junior / mid-level HR resource. Additionally your spend is not fixed but variable, depending upon the number of employees in your organization.

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